AIR values every partner. Our specialists will find the right approach to any channel, regardless of the theme, and can take it to a new, high-quality level. With the help of our team, you will become a true YouTube star with millions of viewers.

Kitai Rulit


I started working with AIR when my channel had 200 subscribers, and now I have over a million. My MCN helps me develop and solve all channel-related problems. For example, once my channel got a copyright strike, and the staff helped me resolve it quickly.

FC Dynamo Kyiv


The AIR team helped immensely in the development of the Dynamo Kyiv official YouTube channel. The first live streaming had over 200,000viewers, and in a month the channel had over a million views. Igor Surkis, president of football club Dynamo Kyiv.



I have chosen AIR and their wise management, and I had invaluable help in the development of my channel. These guys know what they are doing – this is exactly what you need if you are seriously considering growth.



To tell you the truth, these guys are awesome. Very attentive to bloggers and their problems. And they helped solve problems with strikes on a video, which deserves special respect.



AIR helped me perform on several events, organized a few interesting collaborations, and helped find advertisers for my channel. What’s more, I got to earn on the referral program! AIR is a reliable partner.

Alena Venum


AIR MCN organized a very warm meeting with my subscribers and several interesting live streams. Together with AIR I have reached a million subscribers, and this is only the beginning!



We have chosen AIR because of their reputation. This MCN is known as reliable and attentive to the smallest problems of bloggers. I wasn’t wrong!



Do you like handiwork, crafts and doing everything with your own hands? Then you are on the right channel.

Chotkij Patsa


Joined and everything is top notch. The fest was awesome, of course. Had a lot of fun! AIR has a great staff, respect!



AIR is more than a smart choice; partnership with these guys goes far beyond YouTube. You can not go wrong with AIR as your MCN – see for yourself.

ND Production


I thank my dear AIR MCN that took less than a day to solve a problem with a copyright. Now you can keep enjoying our comic political impersonations.

Kids Roma Show


Thanks to AIR, our children became real YouTube stars! The partnership program helps the channel grow. AIR’s expert team solves all technical issues in the blink of an eye.

Kids Diana Show


Thanks to AIR, our children became real YouTube stars! The partnership program helps the channel grow. AIR’s expert team solves all technical issues in a blink of an eye.

Okean Elzy


AIR plays an active role developing support for musicians on YouTube. Moreover, they faultlessly deal with Content ID and copyright protection online.

Artem Sivun


Three years of tight, reliable, immaculate cooperation. They did not let me down, not even once… What else can be said? I am with AIR because they are the best! I only choose the best for myself; what about you???

Nastya Kamenskih


To become a successful video blogger, you need to know some secrets known only to YouTube and their partners. MCN has shared these secrets with me.



“The task was to inform the audience of ™ Rastishka about a new game promo. AIR swiftly organized integration of the product into the content of popular kids’ bloggers, exceeding expected views by 3.5 times. All videos with product placement got positive reviews from the viewers.” Marina Koviyarova, junior digital marketing manager, Danone Ukraine


“We have been working with AIR on development of YouTube channel Comfy for a long time now. What we find the most valuable is help finding videobloggers for cooperation.” Aleksandr Zhylyaev, Digital Marketing Manager, Comfy.


Creative presentation of information technologies. We make the most awesome gadget video-reviews in the word.


“AIR specialists did audit and development of channel on YouTube for us. Also, thanks to collaboration with famous bloggers, the number of subscribers has grown considerably. We can recommend the company with confidence. “ Yana Merkotan, Advertising Manager and PR “Baza Avtozvuka.”

Music library

Our music library has over 80,000 free tracks that you can listen to or use in your videos without copyright violation.

Every true blogger needs a good collection of music files. Once you connect to our media network, you will have access to a great collection of tracks from musical genres including pop, rock, trap, R&B, lounge, jazz, classical, and many others. Download any file and use it in your videoblog as many times as you want without violation of the copyright.

Advantages of AIR Music Library:

– User-friendly search;
– High quality audio file;
– Exclusive tracks;
– Unlimited usage;
– All tracks are saved in Personal Account.

Each AIR partner has unlimited free access to Music library.

Advanced Personal Account

Сomplete analytics of the channel, income payouts, consulting, and support – all in one place!

There is a chat for prompt connection with AIR Tech Support in your Personal Account. Their job is to solve problems and consult with AIR partners. This is the place where you can find professional advice and help.

Personal Account has key stats on your channels. Analytics can be adjusted according to your needs, giving you an opportunity to filter the data and create your own criteria. This service will also give a detailed report on income of the channel from different sources.

Each AIR partner has full free access to Personal Account.

Brand Deals

Would you like to place a profitable ad on your channel? AIR cooperates with hundreds of international and local brands that willingly place their ads on YouTube.

AIR Brands Department is constantly searching for new advertisers who are looking for effective ways to promote their products using YouTube. This helps videobloggers choose the best ways to integrate ads into their channel.

AIR team will make sure your blog brings max profit. f you have a high quality channel with unique content, just contact us and AIR specialists will upgrade your channel to another level.

Any MCN can work with AIR Brands. There are enough ads for everybody! :)

AIR Academy

Would you like to become a professional video blogger but you’re not sure where to start? Is your channel slow to gain new subscriptions? AIR Academy knows the answer!

AIR Academy is a video blogging academy where the teachers are popular bloggers and YouTube experts. These people work wonders with YouTube and can share this magic with you!

Studying at AIR Academy brings real results. The first video of our alumna Viktoria Konovalova got over 300,000 views within several months, and this is just the beginning.

Anyone can study at AIR Academy. We have developed different programs to suit first-timers and professionals. We also have an advanced class for business.

There is an ongoing discount for AIR partners up to $50.

Teaching Video Blogging

We have three main options for teaching video bloggers, and two of them are available to you now!

1. Closed meetings, master classes, and YouTube conferences for AIR MCN. All these help improve your professional video blogging skills.

2. Open videoconferences (hangouts) are held every Thursday on our channel. These are YouTube master classes, interviews with popular bloggers, and answers to the questions of new bloggers. Subscribe to become smarter.

Referral Program

Create a network of channels that were connected to AIR due to your referral. Their views will bring you additional income.

How does this work?
1. You suggest AIR to your friends to monetize their channel, and they do the same with their friends, and so on…
2. You send them your personalized link to connect to AIR.
3. Every month you get up to 15% from referral program income.

AIR referral program is the only YouTube program with a three-level connection. You get 10% for channels that you brought to AIR (these are your first level referrals). You get another 4% for channels brought to AIR by your first level referrals (these are your second level referrals). You get another 1% for third level referrals. Learn more here.

The best part of the referral program is that you can develop your network even if your own channel has only 100 subscribers. The more views your network gets, the more you earn!

AIR has bloggers who earn $1,500-$2,000 per month only through the referral program. What’s more, they can get this income for life!

Channel Design

Once you reach 30,000 subscribers together with AIR, we offer a free, new design to your channel. Our best graphic designers will create a unique banner, avatar, logo, and end screens.

AIR designers have already worked on the images of over 100 popular channels. We take special pride in Mister Max and Miss Katy, Umeloe TV, Alfa Jazz Fest, BeautyBenefitsTV, "Skvoz," Car Crash, and ButtHeadObzor.

If you have just started your YouTube channel and dream about having a special design developed by AIR, take part in a Design Giveaway from our specialists. Sign up for our social media groups VK, Facebook and follow up our weekly contests.

Blogger Fests and meet-ups

Be popular both online and off-line!

AIR gives you a chance to visit our closed meetings for video bloggers and become a member of the superb YouTube Fest "VideoZhara", also VideoPeople, VidFest and many more.

We organize fan meetings in different cities for creators of popular channels. You also have a chance to meet top bloggers in person during our in-house events. We have already organized hangouts with such YouTube stars as Alena Venum, Sergej Tracer, Kitaj Rulit, and other popular bloggers.

We love fun hangouts and we are pros at organizing them! : )

Fast Tech Support

AIR professional experts are there to give practical advice on channel promotion.

Thanks to a special chat in Personal Account, each partner can solve any problem on their channel in the blink of an eye and get full support from the AIR Team.

Each creator of a channel with over 35,000 subscribers gets a personal manager. The manager will help you create a successful strategy based on analysis of the channel’s data, will consult regarding promotion, and will give you access to special promotion services.

You channel is safe with AIR!

Copyright Protection

50,000+ subscriber channels can use the Content ID system.

This system can help you track and block videos that were taken from your channel without permission.

If you have not yet reached 50,000 subscribers, you can still contact our support. AIR specialists investigate each case of copyright violation of our partners.

With AIR you get reliable protection on YouTube!

AIR Space Production Studio

Come shoot your video in AIR Space, an awesome studio for video bloggers. Powerful software, professional cameras and lighting – everything the way real YouTube stars have it!

This studio hosted “Skvoz,” Kitai Rulit, “Pojdem pokazhu,” “Chotkij Patsa,” “Igromania,” Yarmak Music and many others.

AIR Space offers high profile equipment together with ongoing support of famous bloggers, professional producers, cameramen, sound producers. They will help your channel get to a new level.

To use AIR Space Studio you need to become a member of AIR MCN and have a minimum of 5,000 subscribers. And book the time, of course : )

AIR Community

We create friendly connections among our partners, helping you to collaborate with other authors.

Our experience shows that good collaboration helps increase the number of subscribers by at least two or three times. This might be a video collaboration, links exchange, free advertising, or other opportunities.

We work constantly at developing the AIR community. We hold regular in-house events for the partners of our MCN. Thanks to these events, new bloggers can widen their network and connect with other youtubers.

Join our AIR family

Financial services

Earn real money with YouTube. AIR provides 100% monthly payment guarantee, clear terms and conditions.

Each AIR partner can choose the most convenient payment option. We use all the popular payment methods.

For partners in Canada, USA, and United Kingdom: Paypal, Webmoney, Payoneer.
For partners in other countries: Visa, MasterCard, QIWI, SWIFT, Yandex.Money, Western Union.

Each method has a minimal processing amount.
You can track all the details of your channel’s income in your Personal Account. This helps you understand sources of income and devise a strategy of development.

Loyalty Program

Channels with rapid growth get better terms with AIR. We increase your income from the ads from 70% to 80-90%.

Redistribution of income on your channel depends on the number of commercial views per month:

– 500,000 – 75%
– 1 million – 80%
– 5 million– 85%
– 10 million – 90%

Other reasons for increasing the percentage are unique channel content and partnering with AIR for at least six months. Learn more here.

Channel Development

AIR experts provide free consulting for channels with 30,000+ subscribers: giving valuable advice, instructing on further development and optimization, and helping to keep your audience interested.

AIR MCN frequently launches new user-friendly services. We provide the following additional services to partners that have reached 70,000 subscribers:

- Development of unique channel strategies
- Participation in YouTube-fests and conferences
- Regular fan meetings with subscribers
- Help from a personal assistant

The delivery of each specified service is agreed on an individual basis.

The longer you stay with AIR, the more we offer you!

Competitions and prizes

Our team often organizes giveaways for our partners. Become a member of our MCN and take part in these events.

During the “VideoZhara” YouTube fest, we launch a whole giveaway campaign. In 2016 we presented free tickets and souvenirs for previews, and the three best reviews got a tablet and Apple laptops :)

The most popular AIR competition is the “Channel Critics” project. The winners get on live stream with AIR experts who analyse their channels and give tips for development. “Channel Critics” is done once a month. Both small and large channels get a chance to win!


Guru of referral program
Artem joined our team in 2014. First he worked in technical support and helped our partners with channel development. After getting a YouTube certificate, he now works on the referral structure of our network.


Channel development pro
Andrey came to AIR four years ago. He specializes in music direction and is a Content ID expert. He loves music, travelling and cinematography.


Brands expert
Vera joined the company after AIR MeetUp-2014. She was so impressed by the event that she set her mind on becoming a member of the AIR Team. Currently, Vera works as YouTube AIR Brands Manager.


Talent Scout
Inessa used to be a blogger herself; however, she decided to become a part of the AIR Team. Her work is to find creative, interesting bloggers and help them become YouTube stars together with our MCN.


Natasha accidently came across info about AIR searching for something interesting in Google : ) First she worked in the partner development center, helping to resolve problems and develop channels. Now she is applying her talents in the Marketing Department.


Videoblogger, producer
Vova came to AIR together with his colleague. In a few months they were transferred from the development center to the AIR Media Lab. This marked the beginning of the high quality video content era in AIR.


Production genius
After a chance meeting on a plane with Sergey Belousov – AIR CEO – Aleksandr decided to work in our company. Since 2014 he has been in charge of AIR’s production studio. His most famous YouTube channel is “Skvoz.”


Channel development pro
Anna came to work with us upon the recommendation of a blogger friend. Her job is to help restore monetization, handle video complaints, and consult on development. Anna is also a Personal Manager of several awesome YouTube channels.


Talent Scout director
After connecting his own YouTube channel to AIR MCN, Vitalij decided to start working in our company. His current job is to find, connect, and develop talented authors.


Strategy master
Love for video blogging led Dima to AIR practically from day one. Starting his career in the support department, he eventually got promoted to head of the Commercial Department PDC. He is considered a YouTube guru.


Marketing director
Nikolaj has been with the company from the very beginning. He has proven to be a great organizer, YouTube expert, negotiator, and driving force of the marketing department! He is an avid diver and billiards master.


Designer and illustrator
Max made it to our team due to his extraordinary charm and impressive resume. He works on graphic design, web design, and everything that needs a creative eye and the hand of a graphic pro.


Web Yoda
Oleg joined the AIR team in the beginning of 2014. First he worked in Tech support and helped in the development of YouTube channels, creating signature stores for our partners. Now he works on improving sites and other AIR resources.


SEO and analytics expert
We found Max at and persuaded him to join AIR. His tasks include Internet marketing, analytics, and SEO. Max also takes active part in AIR hangouts and teaches in AIR Academy.


Content Jedi
Rostislav fosters and grows AIR’s social media sites. He can communicate using just memos. His motto is “More high-quality content!” He likes electronic music and can not imagine his life without a gaming console.


Videoblogger, producer
It took Roman just a year to start and develop the popular “Skvoz” channel, which has 300,000 subscribers and has become a platform for promoting AIR’s partners on YouTube. He knows how to transform video creativity into likes and views inside and out.


Event pro
Victor came to the company offering training, but after meeting friends here he decided to stay and work on event management for bloggers and fans, AIR meetups, and other interesting events like VideoZhara.

We bet each MCN is different! We believe in MCN with a human face and an honorable mission. We know that video bloggers are the future creative elite. Our mission is to develop your talents and be your best YouTube friend. AIR is your team!


If you are already connected to AIR, write to us in messenger!



What are the conditions to connect

To connect to AIR MCN, your channel needs:

– At least 3 videos, 300 subscribers, and 10 000 views;

– The channel complies with the rules of the platform, Terms of Use, and Community Guidelines;

– Your channel is linked to an AdSense account.

If all of the above is in order, feel free to click on the “Become a partner” button at the top of the page.

How do I connect my channel to AIR MCN?

- Fill out a sign up form on

- Wait for a reply: look for an email from AIR (Agency Of Internet Rights) in your inbox

- Do not forget to check your "spam" folder

Check this article for detailed instructions on how to connect.

What do I do after
I get connected to AIR?

- Carefully read emails you receive from us. These contain important instructions

- Watch AIR livestream on YouTube every Thursday at 18:00 for tips on developing your channel

- Sign up for our mailout and public groups in social media to get YouTube news, tips, and the best blogs

Check all links at the bottom of the site :)

What is the minimum processing
amount from YouTube?

$0.50 for WebMoney

$35 for PayPal / Yandex.Money / QIWI

$70 for Payoneer / SWIFT / Western Union

$70 for Visa / MasterCard

VK is used for communicating with partners, for sharing the latest updates from YouTube, and for getting to know bloggers in our network. We post hot videos and memos on video blogging.

AIR YouTube Channel is an ideal resource to learn the basics of video blogging. You can find a complete list of our hangouts here (master classes). New hangouts are available every Thursday at 19:00.

Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and YouTube trends, tips from experts, and top bloggers of AIR MCN.

We like posting infographics and featured articles. It’s the only place where we post pictures from AIR office life. You will see the smiling faces of AIR staff and bloggers who come to visit.

AIR Twitter account is a younger brother of our blog. All articles, advice, and analytics from the blog are posted on Twitter with links and titles.

The most active AIR partners sign up for our Google+ to get notifications on future live streams on YouTube. We read their questions in comments first.